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This beautifully illustrated book offers much helpful advice on taking underwater  photographs and presents a lovely showcase of color images made beneath  the surface. The book first describes various reefs in the Caribbean, the Pacific, the Red Sea, and elsewhere around the world that offer the  best photo opportunities. Useful chapters on underwater lighting, photo techniques, and various cameras, such as the Nikonos, follow. The appendixes include a list of suppliers of underwater equipment and helpful information for those who wish to sell their photographs to advertising agencies and publishers. The book will be most appreciated by serious amateurs and  professionals who wish to extend their abilities into underwater photography. Others may simply enjoy viewing the remarkable photographs and learning how an accomplished photographer approaches his work. Highly recommended  for larger photography collections in both public and academic libraries.

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Designed to help the underwater photographer make a smooth transition to digital  imaging, this book discusses how to digitally refine, correct, and enhance underwater photographs. It details the equipment necessary for digital imaging for underwater photography, and includes a discussion on the essentials  of scanning. There is extensive information on Adobe Photoshop, and how it can be used to edit underwater pictures. This book also investigates the ethics of photo manipulation and discusses the future of underwater photography

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Mr.  Wu primarily covers the difference in the photographic requirements underwater as compared to land photography including the effects of using a specific  manufacturer's film. If your knowledge of photography basics is minimal  you will be best served to grasp these elsewhere before reading this concisely  written book. He all but eliminates the clutter of the basics. I felt he may have been too brief. It is definitely not exhaustive. I think that  more examples of the various lenses available and their effects, camera  manufacturers who make special cameras for this purpose, and lighting requirements that exist underwater could have been expanded without going  beyond the scope of the writer's intent. If you need or want more detail,  then this book is not for you. Overall, I think it's a good refresher  book.

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