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Jim  Church is a pioneer of modern underwater photography. Many of today's professionals  got started with a camera in one hand, and Jim's articles and books in the other. Jim's writings and photographs have appeared hundreds of times during  the past 30 years in photography, travel and dive magazines, and newspapers.  His photographs have been used in advertisements for companies such as Kodak  and Nikon, and appeared in numerous books including the Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau. He is the principal author of five previous books on underwater  photography and the author of Jim Church's Essential Guide to Underwater Video. In 1985 Jim was the co-recipient of the NOGI Award for the Arts for  his contribution to underwater photography. Today, he teaches underwater  photography and leads photographic expeditions worldwide.

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This work provides comprehensive and current information on underwater photography  and videography, from choosing the right equipment and preparing for the  shoot, to using underwater conditions to best advantage. Tables and charts  provide reference to correct exosure and filtration settings, while photographs  illustrate technical points such as the effect of refraction, and the difference between ambient and artificial light. The development of film and video post-production are also covered.

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Written  by one of Britain's most successful underwater photographers, this finely colour-illustrated book will appeal both to the beginner and to the more experienced photographer. Chapters on equipment, film and fundamental pricnciples  of underwater lighting are followed by advice on macro and wide-angle pictures, how to shoot fish, other divers and wrecks, and night-time photography. Creative photo and competition tips come from an author whose many international successes include a bronze medal at the 1996 world championships. Useful  lists include gear suppliers and a bibliography.

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