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Ushering in the age of the inferior sequel, Jaws 2 was essentially a license to print money. Indeed, the film did very well despite blatantly replicating  the plot of Steven Spielberg's original, though to lesser effect. Roy Scheider returns as Martin Brody, sheriff of the small island town of  Amity. Just as the beachside resort is rebounding from the previous movie's  shark attacks, another great white is snacking on divers and water-skiers.  Naturally, the town fathers don't want to confront reality and choose to proceed with a lucrative sailing regatta, resulting in a grisly loss of life. Besides the fact that director Jeannot Szwarc takes an impersonal,  workaday approach to the film, Jaws 2 manages to be both stylistically flat and openly cynical about its commercial intentions. Of chief interest  here is Scheider's performance, which wisely reflects the emotional fallout  from Brody's last trauma in his obsessive behavior here

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A  rare case of a bubble-gum story (by Peter Benchley) scoring as a terrific movie. The story: New England shore community is terrorized by shark attacks; local cop (Scheider), icthyologist (Dreyfuss) and salty shark expert (Shaw) determine to kill the attacker. Hold on to your seats! Screenplay by Benchley  and Gottlieb. Three Oscars include John Williams' now-classic score, Verna Fields' sensational editing. Benchley has cameo as reporter on beach. Followed by three sequels. Panavision.

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Watchable  but mediocre retread of JAWS, the fourth time around, with Gary as the  widow of sheriff Scheider (from the original film) who's convinced the great white shark is deliberately seeking out and killing off members  of her family. Marginal movie really sunk by stupid, abrupt finale; Caine wasted in frivolous supporting role. Set mostly in the Bahamas.

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This video takes you on a journey to the most remote locations on the Hawaiian  islands.

Fiery volcanic eruptions and rivers of molten  lava bring the formation of the islands to life. Descend 4,000 feet beneath the surface to witness the birth of Loihi, Hawaii's newest island. Journey with a Hawaiian naturalist in a kayak expedition along the breathtaking Molokai coast to save the rare Alula plant clinging to the highest sea cliffs in the world. The adventure continues, taking you to the very  edge of Maui's 10,000 foot-high Haleakala Crater where the spectacular Silversword plant blooms once in a decade, then dies. You will experience the beauty and wonder of Hawaii as never before in this captivating  presentation.

1. From Lava to Life
2. The Silversword
3. The Rainforest
4. An Underwater Paradise
5. The Underwater Island
6. Risking Life to Save Life
7. Aerial Hawaii
8. Credits




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