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Red Sea

 Diving in the Red Sea

My Red Sea dive pages contain a taster of dive sites,some Dive Operations and a selection of Dive and Travel Books for sale, most of which Iíve read.Iím continually reviewing the content and will add more country info later.



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This Months Dive

The Thistlegorm

Sinai's most prized wreck (may be the finest wreck dive in the entire Red Sea). A British ship which sank with a full consignment of war supplies, including tanks, jeeps, and guns, after being bombed during WWII (1941). Discovered in 1956 by Jacques Costeau; Rediscovered in 1993, lying (on a sandy floor) at a depth of 17 to 35 m to the northwest of Ras Mohammed.

Fish Info

Blackspotted Sweetlips


Sweetlips have thick lips, continuous dorsal fins and truncate or emarginate tails. Adults are often inactive during the day and shelter near or under ledges. They feed at night on bottom-dwelling invertebrates. The juveniles of Blackspotted sweetlips have 6 black lines on their heads and bodies, these become spots with age.


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