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Doubilet, a frequent photographer for National Geographic, proves his mastery of underwater photography yet again in this elegant, coffee table-size collection of almost 200 photographs. Interspersed with brief textual introductions, the images span Doubilet's career (and the world), running the gamut of marine environments and species. The 30 bodies of water covered range from the shores of the Gal pagos Islands to the Red Sea, and the book's 11 sections range from "Beneath the Surface" to "Desert Sea" to "Coral Eden." The book is nothing less than magnificent. Because of its beauty and oversize dimensions, however, it may prove difficult for libraries; it certainly won't work for those with security problems. Highly recommended for all photography collections, especially those including underwater photography, this is also appropriate for libraries at all levels where there is strong interest in marine biology and scuba diving



Jim Church, noted pioneer takes you beyond Nikonos V, RS owner's manuals for great underwater photos.



This guide first teaches the rules of underwater photography and then tells how to bend them for extraordinary results



From fundamental principles of photographing marine life to making a living selling underwater photographs, Successful Underwater Photography provides an unlimited wealth of practical advice, surefire strategies, and tested tips for taking extraordinary photos of elusive underwater subjects. Written by two top photographers who specialize in marine photography, this solid, lavishly illustrated field guide provides no-nonsense information on such topics as taking available-light photographs, silhouettes, marine wildlife portraits, close-focus wide angle photographs, and extension tube photographs to name just a few. Readers will also find proven guidance for purchasing underwater photographic equipment, taking photos of shipwrecks, and repairing and maintaining field equipment. Plus, 150 stunning, full-color photos demonstrate the authorsí successful techniques in action. For all aspiring underwater photographers who want to unlock the secrets of how top names in the field achieve spectacular results, Successful Underwater Photography is your definitive one-stop guide.



The Manual of Underwater Photography is the first truly comprehensive work on underwater still photography. The authors are internationally renowned underwater photojournalists who have won several international awards for their work. The Manual of Underwater Photography is a comprehensive and indispensable source of information, and an invaluable tool to improve your standard of photography



From camera selection to enhanced exposure, everything necessary to capture underwater digital images is available in this handy reference. Photographers will learn how to select, test, and use digital cameras for technically perfect images, adapt traditional photo techniques to underwater conditions, confidently shoot and light underwater images for great exposure, and remedy common problems that plague underwater photographers. Helpful hints on maintaining, cleaning, transporting, and insuring a digital camera are included. With full-color images that both instruct and inspire, this handbook provides information on every conceivable aspect of creating the right conditions for beautiful underwater photographs.



Demonstrates how to take stunning underwater photographs that will not only give you a personal feeling of satisfaction, but will improve your chances of achieving award-winning results. Softcover.



An award-winning photographer and his breathtaking pictures provide beautiful inspiration for anyone longing to dive into the deep blue sea and record the wonders of marine life. Everything is broken down into manageable, thematic sections, which cover the photographic basics before progressing to more advanced procedures. Capture the oceanís infinite splendor with an array of underwater shooting techniques, advice on choosing a camera, suggestions for maintaining the equipment, and instructions for lighting in this watery world. Youíll find out how to deal with low visibility, learn essential photographic equations for calculating shutter speeds and exposures; understand the differences between various film stocks and what digital can do; and see how to use the flash effectively. So take the plungeóthe results will be fabulous.



The surface of Antarctica is 13-million square kilometers of ice, with an occasional mountaintop poking through. Ice fields thousands of meters thick, extending out into the ocean as permanent ices shelves, blanket the southernmost continent. Divers have been exploring the ecosystem under the Antarctic ice for about 40 years, and the contrast between the surface world and the world under the ice can be jarring. The water stays at a constant 28.6 degrees Fahrenheit all year, and there is an abundance of life--at times comparable in biomass and diversity to what can be found in a tropical coral reef. Wu, a photographer specializing in marine environments, presents his photographs of this alien world in a fascinating look at an ecosystem virtually no one has ever seen. Wu's images showcase penguins and seals (both above and below the ice), whales, and his fellow divers, but it is the ubiquitous presence of the ice in all its myriad forms that makes the photos magical. Mastro's text artfully summarizes Antarctic ecology for the lay reader.



Underwater photography is challenging, even in the age of autofocus and TTL cameras. The author is unique is presenting an in-depth explanation of concepts as they relate to making photographs underwater. This book illustrates these concepts with brilliant color photographs, each of which is accompanied by an explanation of exactly how it was accomplished. This book stresses basic knowledge needed to produce high quality images now and in the future. Both beginning and experienced underwater photographers will benefit from the presentation of practical suggestions and realistic solutions for making photographs with housed 35mm cameras, macro or wide angle lenses, and strobe lighting.

This book includes a glossary of important photographic terms as well as straightforward and comprehensive explanations of useful optical concepts, lenses, cameras, film and strobe lighting. It concludes with addresses, telephone contact numbers and internet URL's for a number of important equipment manufacturers, photography supply houses, and repair facilities that specialize in underwater equipment.


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