Diving in the Pacific

My Pacific Ocean dive pages contain a taster of dive sites,some Dive Operations and a selection of Dive and Travel Books for sale, most of which Iíve read.Iím continually reviewing the content and will add more country info later.

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Avatoru Pass
A 60ft drift dive out of Avatoru Pass from the lagoon to the ocean on an outgoing tide. Large numbers of tuna, Napoleon wrasse and manta rays can be seen, but you will also find schooling leopard rays, grey reef sharks patrolling. Jacks, barracuda, surgeonfish, snapper are to be found in large numbers. The reef is covered with large formations of hard coral.

Fish Info

Gray Reef SharkThe gray reef shark is one of the more aggressive species of sharks. Yet in fact, this shark will only attack a diver when it is threatened in some way.It seems to be one species of shark that is doing well in the Pacific Ocean.



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