Indian Ocean

 Diving in the Indian Ocean

My Indian Ocean dive pages contain a taster of dive sites,some Dive Operators and a selection of Dive and Travel Books for sale, most of which Iíve read. Iím continually reviewing the content and will add more country info later.

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This Months Dive

The Comoro Islands

Masiwa Wreck

An artificial reef the Masiwa is a 200foot plus trawler easily reached by boat.50-100feet depths can be dived.It is home to Moray and Lionfish,as well as large Schools of Batfish
The holds and Superstructure are open for penetration dives.Corals etc are starting to cover the wreck and the usual small Indian Ocean critters can be found,Macro lenses a must!!You could see Barracuda Bonito and Tuna.


F i s h I n f o

M y f a v o u ri te the Clown Triggerfish can be recognised by its colouration. It is black with yellow lips. The lower half of the head and body have large white spots.This species grows to 50cm in length.It occurs on coral reefs of the Indo-West Pacific





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