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Scuba DivingThere isn't that much known about diving in Chile but the industry is slowly growing and the diving can be quite good if you don't mind colder waters.

The Chileans tend to look outside their country when thinking about diving, towards Brazil or the nearby Caribbean. However, there are places along the endless Chilean coast which are very good for diving. From Puerto Mont in the South, up to Arica in the North, after all they have a coastline of 3100 kilometers. The best diving extends from La Serena to Arica due to the bearable temperature of its waters.

There is also very good shore diving to be found ibn Chile. Of all the dives off the Northern Coast perhaps the best one is Caldera, due to its almost tropical microclimate.

Chilean beaches are easily accessible and generally have similar characteristics: a small sandy bay of approximately 1 kilometer of extension limited at both ends by cliffs. The bottom of the sea alternates between sand and generally large, round stones. Once in the water you will quickly notice the abundance of kelp and the variety of sea life. The marine life is remarkable, even near the coast, due to the almost total absence of divers. This amount of marine life living in relatively shallow waters coupled with the excellent visibility of the sites means these sites are ideal for marine photography.

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