Diving in the Caribbean

My Caribbean dive pages contain a taster of dive sites,some Dive Operations and a selection of Dive and Travel Books for sale, most of which Iíve read.Iím continually reviewing the content and will add more country info later.

Dive Book




This Months Dive

Mayreau in The Grenadines

Wreck of thePuruni
This is a 1918 English gun ship approximately 140 feet in length and found in only 40 feet of water. Great wreck dive for beginners as well as advanced divers.The Boilers and winches are still intact.




Fi s h I n f o

T h e S p a n ish Hogfish is a large wrasse from the tropical Atlantic area. This fish occurs throughout Florida and all the way to Brazil.  The body of the fish is large and covered with large scales. The color pattern of B.rufus is quite interesting; the lower half and rear area of the body is yellow, while the rest of the fish is blue. This fish possesses no special defenses, however the meat of this species is poisonous and thus the fish is rarely eaten by predators.


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