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Scuba DivingThe Tongan Islands are surrounded by beautiful white coral sands and simmering  lagoons with marine life. Come and dive in this relaxed and timeless island paradise. The Kingdom of Tonga is a constitutional monarchy. Archaeologists claim Tonga has been inhabited since the 5th century BC. There are four main  groups which in total comprises of 170 islands, only 40 which are inhabited.  The climate is tropical, however the average temperatures and humidity are generally a little less than other South Pacific Islands. Summer months(December  through to March) are generally wetter and more humid than the rest of the year. Tonga offers visitors a wide range of holiday experiences and you will find an interesting culture rooted in history but fully embraces modern life too. The friendly helpful people will make you welcome wherever you go in the Kingdom.

Site Info.As you browse through my site youíll find links to Dive Operators,Dive Sites,and useful Diving, Fish Identification Books and Travel Books relevant to Tonga.


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Getting ThereIt's straightforward to fly to Tonga direct from New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii and Los Angeles.




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