Bikini Atoll

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Scuba DivingBikini Atoll is by far the best wreck diving in the world! There is no other location that has the history and type of wrecks that you will find at Bikini.Bikini diving is all deep diving starting at 100 ft. and going to 187 ft. All dives are decompression dives. Any diver who goes to Bikini should be at least an experienced advanced diver with perfect buoyancy control. Many divers who go to Bikini are experienced with doubles, this can almost double your bottom time.

Site Info.As you browse through my site you’ll find links to Dive Operators,Dive Sites,and useful Diving,  Fish Identification Books and Travel Books relevant to Bikini Atoll.


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Getting ThereContinental Micronesia’s Island Hopper from Honolulu stops in Majuro (the capital of the Marshall Islands). After an overnight stay, catch the weekly Air Marshall Islands flight to Bikini.



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