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Scuba DivingMost diving in Canada is done in British Colombia. Some of the fastest currents in the world are in the channel between Vancouver Island and the mainland so divers should be experienced in this type of cold water diving and dives need to be planned well due to the tides. There are plenty of wrecks in Canada (Halifax, Nova Scotia is a mecca for divers with over 5000 wrecks lying in its waters!) For the more adventurous of you there is St Paul Island surrounded by some 350 wrecks but be can only dive this location if you are prepared to join an expedition whcih involves camping! Well worth the effort though. There is also plenty of drift diving and most dives are boat/live aboard dives. There is also plenty of technical diving.


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Getting ThereVancouvers international airport has flights from the UK and Europe as well as the US and Canada.

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