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Scuba DivingCalifornia's coastal waters can be divided into two distinct regions. North of Pt. Conception (a hundred-mile drive from L.A.), temperatures drop into the low 50s above the thermocline, visibility ranges from 10 to 60 feet, and animals closely resemble those of Puget Sound and British Columbia. Shore diving in this region requires surf entry, and each year unskilled divers are killed trying to enter or exit. Abalone are allowed only to free divers.... South of Pt. Conception, surface temperatures may reach the 70s in summer, though temperatures below the thermocline remain in the low 50s year-round with visibility ranging from 20 ­100 feet. Animals and plants in this region resemble those in northern Mexico. There's beautiful kelp and good fish life around the Channel Islands, which are accessible by boat from Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.... The best time of year for diving is in late summer or early fall, when plankton blooms cease and winter storms have yet to begin.... A 1/4" wetsuit or a drysuit is needed everywhere in California regardless of the season....


Site Info.As you browse through my site you’ll find links to Dive Operators,Dive Sites,and useful Diving,  Fish Identification Books and Travel Books relevant to California.


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Getting ThereAer Lingus,Air Canada,British Airways,Japan Airlines,Qantas,Virgin Atlantic,Air New Zealand all fly into LA and San Fransisco.

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