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My United Kingdom dive pages contain a taster of dive sites,some Dive Operations and a selection of Dive and Travel Books for sale, most of which Iíve read.Iím continually reviewing the content and will add more country info later.

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The Breda was carrying aircraft, military vehicles, building materials and 10 horses belonging to the Aga Khan.When she was sunk by a German Bomber whilst waiting for her convoy.
She sits upright on a gently sloping beach at 24 to around 30 metres and her five cargo holds are still full of goodies.An easy and safe dive in  sheltered Ardnamurknish Bay


Cuckoo WrasseFish Info

CuckooWrasse are found in rocky areas and are plentiful around the shores of the U.K., where they feed by day and retire to rock clefts during the night. They feed on molluscs and crustaceans, using the crushing pharyngeal teeth in their throat to break up their food.



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