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Carvel Rock

Location: About three mile east of St. Thomas
just north of Lovango Cay Depth: To 50 feet

 This is a great marine life site. There are huge schools of silver  sides that attract large schools of jacks, tarpon, runners and mackerel to feed. The geography of the bottom is quite unusual too. Canyons,  short wall and bizarre rock formations make this a great dive.

Mingo Passage

Location: Between Lovango Cay and Mingo Cay
Depth: To 50 feet

A drift dive. This dive is so typical of this area. Relatively shallow with great coral fomations and marine life. Lobsters, eels and turtles are common. A number of old bottles - from the 17th and 18th century have been found.


Arches and Tunnels

Location: Northside of Thatch  Cay

Depth: 45 feet
You can swim through about 8 archs and longer tunnels. Also, several canyons and very unusual rock formations. The coral is lush and marine life is just great. Huge schools of minnows attract all sorts of other fish.

Grassy Cay

Location: South facing reef in Pillsbury Sound

Depth: 60 feet maximum

This is one of the finest hard coral reefs in the Virgin Islands. Because  of its sheltered location in Pillsbury Sound the coral heads grow to  unusual heights, uwards of 15 feet. The reef is terraced at 25, 45 and 55 feet . It is also a good night dive because of the beautiful colors and marine life. After the full moon in August Grassy Cay is a good place to watch the coral spawn.


 1. Buck Island Reef National  Monument - This lush protected area is operated by the National Park Service  and has undersea markers which describe marine life.

Frederiksted Pier

This 250-yard concrete pier is encircled by lots of fish, sponges and sea horses. There are a trio of somewhat shallow wrecks northwest of Frederiksted. The Northwind is in 45' of water.  The Barge lies a short swim away and is colorfully encrusted with sponges.  The Suffolk Maid, a North Sea trawler is at a 65' depth. Less than 100 yards away, the Rosamaria, a 70' container ship, sits upright much deeper  in 100' of water.

Salt River Canyon

This 1,000' drop-off has a submarine ravine  ending in a waterfall, and it's west and east sites are the most requested and suggested dives on the island. Find countless species like big hawksbill turtles, moray and electric eels.

Wall at Cane Bay

Coral walls branch out at 40'  to 60' - over a 600-foot drop-off along five miles of the northwest coast - and display dozens of old Danish anchors. Swim out 150 yards across  a sandy plain to the site or take a 5-minute boat ride to a mooring.

St John

Carval Rock

 This is an advanced dive due to currents. See dramatic rock formations loaded with corals and sponges from 20' to  80' deep.

Eagle Shoals

Off Coral Bay on St. John's southeast coast, this seldom-visited site (due to it's remote location) offers curious  caves and exciting swim-throughs.

St Thomas

Andreas Reef

Starting at 30', this multilevel reef reveals a wide variety of both soft and hard corals, invertebrates  and many tropical fish, down to a maximum depth of 70'.

Cartanza Sr

This World War I tramp steamer lies 35'  down in a sheltered cove off Buck Island, south of Charlotte Amalie harbor. It's beautifully encrusted and full of fish.

Coki Beach

 A good dive by day, great by night.

Cow and Calf Rocks

 Oodles of swim-throughs, tunnels and undercuts  are in 20' to 40' of water. Go when conditions are calm since storm surge can make this a tricky dive.


 On the south side of St. Thomas, this attractive  pinnacle stands in 80' to 100' of water.

Grassco Junction

These isolated coral mounds are each 10- to 30-yards across and sit on a sandy bottom in 55' of water. Five or  six mounds reach up to within 35' of the surface and are covered with colorful corals and florescent fish.

Hans Lollik Island

Plenty of pinnacles and ledges to see here.

Major General Rogers

Off the Renaissance Grand Beach Resort is  the wreck of a 150' Coast Guard buoy tender. The vessel is fully intact and safe for entering at a maximum depth of 64'.

Submarine Alley

Near Capella island, this advanced dive  on the south side of St. Thomas boasts large coral islands, rising from  a sandy bottom 80' deep.

Thatch, Grass and Congo Cays

Start in the Caribbean sea,  dive along the black volcanic rock tunnels of Thatch at 40' and end up  on the other side in the Atlantic at a depth of 15'. There are mini-walls off Congo and all three cays are good eel, ray and lobster locales.

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