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Scuba Diving Bonaire's pristine reefs and diverse marine life are unique to the Caribbean. Because the waters around Bonaire are designated as an official marine park, diving Bonaire is like diving the Caribbean the way it used to be - untouched and unspoiled. The island's location in the south Caribbean gives it an arid climate with little rain fall; consequently, the waters are exceptionally clear of silt, calm, and diveable year round. It is an ideal destination for underwater photographers. Water temperatures average a warm 78-84°F (25.6-28.9°C), with visibility averaging over 100 feet (30m), and frequently reaching up to 150 feet (50m).


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Getting ThereThe Netherlands has good access to Bonaire. ALM and KLM both fly from Amsterdam several times a week. From the US, American Airlines has flights between New York and Aruba, where you can get a connecting Air Aruba flight to Bonaire. Air Aruba and ALM have connecting flights from Newark, Atlanta and Miami.


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