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150  color photos 36 drawings Colorful, fact-filled reference This basic guide makes optimum use of color photos and instructional drawings to present  the essentials of diving. It begins with a clear, concise explanation of the science of diving-how water and gas affect the human body underwater-and  includes chapters on equipment, training, dive planning, safety, and the  various types of diving. Step-by-step photos and drawings, along with straightforward text, illustrate concepts and techniques with exceptional clarity. Jack  Jackson is a veteran diver and author of several books on diving. An advanced BSAC diver, he has spent decades exploring the ocean.

Scuba Diving : A Trailside Guide

The  only YMCA/Scuba-sanctioned guide to the wonders of the underwater world.  Whether it's the balmy waters of a tropical coral reef, a wreck in Lake  Michigan, the kelp forests of Monterey Bay, the icy waters of the North  Sea, or the caves of a Florida spring, scuba diving is a way to explore the world beneath the surface. Trailside Scuba Diving is a comprehensive  diving guide that includes all the information divers need to get started on this exciting sport. It reviews the information standard in all certification  courses, with chapters on gear, diving planning, safety and first aid, the science of diving and how it affects the human body, diving techniques, the underwater environment, and using dive tables and computers. It also introduces divers to new opportunities and skills such as underwater photography, navigation, wreck diving, night diving, and cold-water diving.

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