Northern Territories

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Scuba DivingDiving in Darwin can be very rewarding and with a little forward planning it is no more difficult than anywhere else. Because of the large tidal movement, neap tides are really the only safe time to dive. A large variation in tidal movement results in currents that does not make diving feasible. This limits diving days to 4 or 5 days out of every 14, to coincide with the neap tides (lowest movement between high and low tides).

The diving in Darwin is diverse, centred mainly around wrecks. There are several artificial wrecks - wrecks and debris sunk to encourage artificial reefs and new fish breeding grounds. More and more artificial reefs are being implemented by the Darwin Primary Industry and Fisheries, and the older ones are the sites of some fantastic diving.

Visibility in Darwin and surrounding waters varies. Again, due to the large tidal movements visibility can be as low as 2-3metres, but if you pick your dive carefully visibility of 5-10m is not unrealistic. Out-of-harbour visibility regularly reaches 10-15m.


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