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I set up Scuba Books Online on my retirement from diving to provide divers with a  worldwide online guide and bookshop.My aim is to provide links to dive operators on the internet,dive magazines with an online presence,dive site info,free dive screensavers,dive equipment manufacturers,and of course dive site books .From Antigua to Yap,General scuba diving books,Dive  History Books,Fish ID Books,Shark Books,Books on Tech Diving,Wreck  Diving Books; I aim to provide up to date information.You'll also find DVDs about Diving and Sharks, Dive Videos,Reef Fish Guidebooks.To fund the site I'm affiliated to Amazon in the U.K and Worldwide.

Happy Diving and Surfing!!

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My Favourite IslandBaros Island in the Maldives takes some beating.I travelled there in 1999 Diving with and photographing Mantas,Turtles,Sharks, Eagle Rays and Diving the “MBaros Island Maldivesaldive Victory” Wreck.Click the Photo to visit their site

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Site of the MonthMatagi Island in Fiji has lots of beautiful sites

 My favouri te is the Great Yellow Wall




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